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One of THE BEST in town, a Credible and Reliable workshop that you can trust to modified your cars. JOK KULIT | KACA FILM | CARBON FABRIC FILM | PEREDAM | AUDIO | BODY KIT REP. | HID | PROJECTOR - ANGEL EYES

18 May 2008

Products & Services of Monza's

List Products and Services
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Kaca Film:
LLUMINOX Nanofilms, Real Hi-Spec Nano Ceramic Films yang Value For Money
BLACK JACK Window Films
Kaca Film Branded Murah (VKOOL, 3M, HuperOptik, etc)

Leather Seat and Interior:
Jok Kulit / Synthetic Bergaransi Puas
Full Interior Trimming
Sound Proofing (Peredam)

Xenon HID:
GE HID Burner Projector Angel Eyes
MAX-HID,HI-Quality HID with Branded HID Bulb

Exterior and Accesories
Monza Carbon Fabric Film
Water-Spot Remover (Jamur Kaca)
Replica Body Kit (chat for ask availability and prices)

Performance Kit
FERROX Air Filter


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